Rezoning Update

Given the feedback that we have received from the community, along with a review of suggestions made by the Board at the June workshop, our demographer has created an additional re-zoning alternative for consideration (middle school plan #4). He was also able to add larger detailed inset maps of particular areas with street names to help clarify locations. The updated presentation is available here

It is essential to note that the timeline for a decision on this rezoning, which will not take effect until the 2023-24 school year, is not set in stone and will likely not be made until August of 2022 to allow the Board to hear from all district families who would like to share their perspectives and to allow time to consider additional alternatives that may surface from this review. 

The options that have been presented to the community are not necessarily the only options. We are grateful for the input, and we hope to come up with a plan that utilizes our existing buildings efficiently and does not disrupt the educational goals of our students and families.

Our school board and administration are still very interested in receiving feedback on the scenarios. You may send your comments and suggestions via email to or complete the online comment form at The form will be available until July 21.